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 "What is the cost of insurance?"

different types of insurance policies

Work and live in the same place? Protect them both!

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Home older than 20 years old? Check for these things

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Creating a home inventory list

Homeowners and renters alike benefit from keeping an inventory of the personal belongings.

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Distracted driving: Raise your hand if you’ve done this


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What's the cost of flooding?

Floodsmart.gov gives us this neat tool that illustrates the costs that a potential flood can cause.

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Distracted Driving Near Trains


Watch this short video about the importance of focused driving near rail ways.

Spring Storm Tips

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The weather in the area during spring can be as beautiful as it can be unpredictable which why these tips from Auto-Owners can prove to be the difference between protecting your property and having a headache.

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3 Reasons Auto Insurance Rates are going up


Car insurance is an ever changing industry as auto makers and insurers alike are trying to keep up with the advances in technology as well as the growing amount of drivers that are on the road.

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Winter preparedness

When the radar indicates a heavy snow storm on the way, it is important to be prepared by putting together a check list and kit for you and your family's safety.

Stock your kit with:


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Wood stove do's and don'ts

As colder days are upon us, some are turning to their wood stoves for heat without realizing some of the risks that come with it.

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